New partnership model

Cooperation enables modern sporting facilities

Puijo Areena is the first concrete partnership project for the City of Kuopio in the building of these new sports facilities. The aim of this new partnership model is to increase the benefits for all.

Puijo Areena is a privately-owned project, where the City of Kuopio plays an important role in terms of pre-building the plot and renting daytime activity or training hours for Kuopio citizens.

“Improving sports facilities has a positive impact on the city image. In the future, well-being will play an important role as a driving force of Kuopio, and therefore Puijo Areena is a key project in achieving this goal,” states Pekka Vähäkangas, director, responsible for the Puijo area service sector.

According to Vähäkangas, Puijo Areena will substantially improve the overall training facilities in Kuopio.

“Puijo Areena promotes a healthier way of life, by offering new possibilities to exercise, train, and advance well-being,” concludes Vähäkangas.