A home for athletes

Indoor training centre

Puijo Areena will be a first-class centre for athletes and sport clubs.

The arena offers a number of high-quality premises and services for local, national and international level training camps, events, tournaments and competitions.

Training centre for individual athletes and teams

The Puijo Areena facilities are designed to meet various sports training requirements. Sports clubs represent important target groups. Volleyball and floorball clubs, as well as martial arts and gymnastics clubs, have participated in the careful planning of the facilities.

“Well-being will play an important role as a driving force of Kuopio, and therefore Puijo Areena is a key project in achieving this goal,” states Pekka Vähäkangas, director, responsible for the Kuopio area service sector.

Tailor-made premises for martial arts

Over one thousand martial arts athletes, from 13 different clubs, train in the Kuopio region. Puijo Areena offers modern facilities for training, camps and competitions.

Puijo Areena’s services are also available for everyone planning to enjoy the diverse and memorable outdoor recreational areas of the Puijo region.

State-of-the-art facilities for gymnastics

Puijo Areena serves as an optimal location for gymnastics training and competitions. From the very beginning, artistic and aesthetic group gymnasts have participated in the detailed planning of the premises. There will be a dedicated hall for female artistic gymnasts with  training and competition equipment and facilities. The adjacent court is planned to be equipped with apparatus for competition events for male gymnasts.

Gymnastics is a highly versatile ‘foundation sport’ which is considered suitable for all other athletes searching for an optimal co-training program. Gymnastics training helps develop physical and mental attributes that include flexibility, balance, speed, strength, coordination, agility, power and control. Gymnastics is also considered the ‘ideal sport to teach skills for life’. These skills include independence, confidence, focus, self-discipline and self-esteem.

The Puijo regions outdoor facilities enable the hosting of many international level winter sport competitions, such as Nordic skiing and ski jumping.

Excellent facilities for co-training

Puijo Areena offers versatile training facilities. In addition to the modern sports courts, Puijo Areena also offers a running lane, a gym and physiotherapist services, for example.

Puijo Areena offers many services

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