Facilities for all purposes

Puijo Areena offers modern facilities and the optimal environment for sports and events.

Puijo Areena welcomes all Puijo area visitors and acts as an operations centre for surrounding events. Puijo region’s services will be completed when the hotel situated next to Puijo Areena officially opens.

Centre for well-being

The aim of the City of Kuopio is to develop Puijo to become a leading centre for well-being and recreation. The Puijo region offers exceptional facilities for various sports, both indoor and outdoor recreation, as well as for major events.

Puijo Areena, and the magnificent natural landscape that surrounds it,
offers companies and their personnel the perfect premises
for team meetings and recreation days.

Customisable facilities and services to suit all needs

During Puijo Areena’s planning phase, special focus is put on meeting various end-user needs.

In order to reach maximum usage, special focus is put on making the entire venue adaptable, functional and capable of rapidly changing its form, depending on the required demands of individual events. This applies especially to the seating arrangements which need to be expanded, for example, to cater to the requirements of tournaments and competitions.


Spectators can enjoy and feel welcome

Spectators expect the highest standards of premises and services

Spectators are always taken into consideration throughout the entire premises. Seating arrangements, a cafeteria, VIP-services and superior audio-visual technology aim to meet the stringent demands of the modern spectator. In addition, architectural solutions respect the cultural heritage of the Puijo region.