Puijo Areena starts the implementation of the Puijo Sport Valley development plan.

The aim of the City of Kuopio is to develop the Puijo region according to the development plan and to become an attractive destination for recreation, outdoor activities and events, as well as to strengthen the Puijo ‘brand’.

The City of Kuopio wishes to develop Puijo together with local entrepreneurs, and turn the area into an attractive, year-round destination for local, national and international visitors. The aim is to develop Puijo into an active centre for well-being, recreation, sports and major events. The ambition is to develop existing services and to build new facilities for visitors of all ages.

Puijo Sport Valley vision

Puijo is an active, year-round event destination point for visitors of all ages, where nature, aesthetics and training meet. Puijo’s target groups are children, teenagers, adults, seniors, event guests, sport clubs and tourists.

Special emphasis on traffic arrangements and safety

Development of the Puijo region will increase traffic in the area. Therefore, safety issues will be taken into particular consideration, especially due to the increased amount of young people training in the sports arena.

The City of Kuopio is preparing plans regarding outdoor lighting, parking for vehicles and bus traffic, as well as designated safe routes and lanes for both pedestrians and cyclists.