Puijo Areena is a superb location for both domestic and international events

Puijo Areena is open all year-round

Puijo Areena serves as a central location for all events that are organised in the Puijo region. Puijo Areena welcomes both national and international guests.

The City of Kuopio wishes to develop Puijo together with local entrepreneurs, and turn the area into an attractive, year-round destination for local, national and international visitors. The aim is to develop existing services and to build new facilities for visitors of all ages, and to develop Puijo into an active centre for well-being, recreation, sports and large-scale events.

The Puijo region plays an important role for the city of Kuopio
as a leading venue for organising large-scale events.

Puijo is an important centre for winter sports

Since the early 19th century, Puijo has offered facilities for sledging, skiing and ski jumping. Puijo also has a long and successful tradition of serving as a host for numerous winter games.

International training center

Puijo Areena is an attractive training centre for skiing and ski jumping. Puijo Areena can easily be reached by those who live outside Finland, thanks to it’s convenient, reliable and efficient travelling connections.
A sports hotel is planned next to the Puijo Areena, which will offer exceptional convenience for those participating in a training camp or competition at Puijo Areena.

Most of the Puijo region is recognised as a popular and much-loved nature
conservation area (208 hectares) and is available for visitors to freely visit.
Puijo offers three nature trails and each one is approximately two kilometres long.

The famous Puijo Tower is a celebrated tourist attraction

Puijo’s beautiful landscape can be discovered best from the top of the Puijo Tower. The breathtaking scenery combining trees, water, islands and blue sky creates a truly memorable mosaic view. More than 75,000 tourists visit the Puijo Tower annually.