Puijo area

Puijo is a well-known tourist attraction

Puijo Areena will be located at Puijo Sport Valley, just a few kilometres from Kuopio city centre.

Puijo is the most well-known symbol of the province of Northern Savonia. It can be seen from all directions when approaching Kuopio. Puijo is best known for its tower. For over 150 years, visitors have come to Puijo to admire the magnificent national lake-land scenery.

Since the earliest years, many winter sports
have spread from the Puijo area to the whole of Finland.

Precious natural treasures available for all citizens

Puijo hill and its surrounding areas, are located 2.5 kilometres north from Kuopio market square. The area totals approximately 660 hectares in size. Puijo hill is 150m high from the level of lake Kallavesi and 232m high from sea-level.

Most of the Puijo region is recognised as a nature conservation area (208 hectares) and is available for visitors to freely visit. Most parts of this region belong to the EU Natura 2000 network, a cornerstone of Europe’s policy to protect special natural habitats.

In addition to its magnificent scenery,
Puijo is well known for its surrounding nature.

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Scenery is nationally important

For many decades, Puijo’s beautiful landscapes have played an important role, both locally and nationally. Its natural scenery, combining trees, water, islands and blue sky creates a memorable mosaic view.

The Puijo area also consists of various types of forest-based landscapes e.g. parks, trails and recreation forests. These play a crucial role in terms of positively impacting tourism, public well-being and city image.

Puijo Hill is well known as a scenic vantage point.
Puijo and its fascinating views are regarded as an
important part of the areas national landscape.

Precious nature and cultural history

Puijo offers three nature trails and each one is approximately two kilometres long. The Puijo track is located in the nature conservation area, starting at the top of the Puijo Hill. Along the track you can find numerous signs featuring interesting information about Puijo. In addition to information about the areas nature, you can learn about Puijo’s history, its previous towers, people from history and, of course, sports. The tracks are hilly, so be prepared for serious exercise. The tracks may not be suitable for some elderly people, for example.

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